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ChromaVision™ - Bali

ChromaVision™ - Bali

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All professionnals in video or photography are constant in their color grading. Color Grading is certainly the most complicated part of a visual artist's workflow. Our LUTs have been created to solve this problem. Finding your signature has never been that easy. You just need to apply the LUT on your creations. Bali LUT is a professionnal one. This LUT changes the colors, gamma, contrast and luminance. It is made for professional camera (RAW, S-log, D-log,...).


The Bali LUT will be available for download straight after purchase.


Recommended Camera :
  • RED (all camera)
  • Sony (S-log 2 - S-log 3)
  • Arri (all camera)
  • Blackmagic (RAW / Apple ProRes)
  • All other camera with a large dynamic range

Include :
  • L.S - Professionnal - Bali.cube
Compatible software :
  • Adobe Premiere CC (all version)
  • Adobe Photoshop (all version)
  • Adobe After Effects (all version)
  • Final Cut (all version)
  • Davinci Resolve (all version)
  • Sony Vegas (all version)
  • And many more
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